Tuesday, March 31, 2009


On Sunday our gorgeous little Princess Livie was christened and I was given the hnonour of being one of her Godparents.
We had a fabulous day and Olivia looked absolutely stunning in her fairy dress.
It was a very special day and we had a chance to catch up with family that only happens but a few times a year.
Here are a few snapshots of our day.
The gorgeous and very special Princess Liv in her beautiful fairy outfit and looking very glam!
My very bestest friend and the new addition to the family little Molly.
The Spunk rat himself, Darc!
The Dancing Queens, partying the afternoon away :D

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  1. I love your Rainbow Lorikeet..
    How old is she...?
    I have one also... His name is Bubba... We think he is a boy... I have not had him DNA tested as of yet but will take him to Tim Olfield soon and have that taken care of...
    You have a beautiful blog.


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