Thursday, May 31, 2012


That I am!

Excited to be joining in on this awesome swap.
Details are here.....
My head is spinning with ideas and thoughts, can't wait to get started.
Come join us!


I have already confessed to being a buttonoholic!
Something I am most proud of and delight in every moment I can.

I have further issues......
and I am not sure people will understand!

But,  I am an honest girl and as such
am going to let you in on another little secret.

Even better, I can indulge in some button loving and sharing while making cute little pincushions.
How lucky am I!
P.S. I also glued the beads on the pins as well, clever me!

There, I have done it, bared my soul and the sky is still blue and the moon doth shine!
The problem now is that my Op Shopping expeditions include not only searching high and low for buttons but, gorgeous little containers are also at the top of the list....

Check these little beauties out.
I couldnt resist that little egg cup there with the orange and blue trim on the base.
The dear old lady behind the counter told me it was very special and was Delft pottery???
Never heard of it before, maybe someone reading this can enlighten me otherwise 
my dear friend google tends to know the answers, when I have a second I will check it out.
Joining in with other creative peeps here....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My poor baby Mac has been in the apple hospital.
I have felt like I had lost my right arm.
Am I normal???

He is home now.
Set up and ready to go.
$1744.00 worth of work done.
Luckily for me, didn't cost a cent.
Transplants galore, and now home looking super dooper shiny and sparkly.

Anyways, other than horrendous parking issues the few times I went into Perth City and getting extremely frustrated every time I called (geez I hate not being able to just talk to someone and have them direct me to where I need to go.... computer generated receptionists suck!!!).
The face to face staff at Apple Perth City were awesome, thank you!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 My name is Michelle

And I am a buttonoholic!
 Please don't hold it against me, my intentions are good.

 I love plastic buttons, patterned buttons, metal buttons, diamante buttons, colourful buttons, 
vintage buttons, modern buttons, fabric covered buttons, glass buttons, flower buttons, shaped buttons, round buttons, striped buttons, chicken shaped buttons, dog shaped buttons, pearl buttons, pastel buttons, small buttons, big buttons, odd buttons, ugly buttons and cute buttons.

What is really cool as well, is finding gorgeous little boxes and containers to hold my many buttons.
Cute containers ROCK!

I promise to love and to cherish each and every one til death do us part!

Monday, May 7, 2012


The week that was.........
Certainly one to remember!
This picture of Brett is day 1 of dialysis 1st May 2012.
It has been a big week.
One we new was coming  but still in denial until it actually happened.
But it is here and it is our now and this is our life.
I was inspired to do this short video log after reading this post that Megan
put up on her blog a couple of weeks ago.
Not that a couple of weeks ago did we ever think we were so close to Brett starting dialysis.
Considering we have been on this knifes edge with this for about 2 years,
wondering if we would get through the next holiday, joyful that the next holiday was here
and we would be able to do it,
and all the stress and tension that goes with the unknown, bad health, a bit of depression, 
even so, we are still in shock that this has started now and this is what we have to deal with.
No amount of education and support from the hospital can ever really prepare you,
although in saying that, every single nurse,
counsellor and specialist has been fantastic and I
can not speak highly enough of everyone we have been in contact with at Royal Perth Hospital.
On the other hand, now that it has started we are glad, it is here,
it is a part of our life and such is life that you keep putting one foot in front of the other
and you just do it and deal with it!

This video log is day 3 of dialysis 5th May 2012, a much happier Brett.

So just in case this might be helpful to someone else in a similar situation, we did these short
video logs for anyone interested in having a listen.

Thanks for being so inspirational Megan
If anyone else is going through this and wants to chat please do not hesitate to leave a comment we would love to hear from you.

Flea Market Find

I found this absolutely adorable tea set and the Good Sammy's the other day.
It is absolutely beautiful.
Even better
It is a Johnson,
oh how I love my ever increasing collection of Johnson's China.

I must say I felt very posh sipping my tea out of this yesturday.

It is from the Snow White collection but after much scouring of the net over the weekend
I cannot find any more info about the design.

Have you seen this before, can you help me out?????

If anyone has got any information on this design I would be ever so grateful.

Linking up with more awesome flea market finds here....


We have a foster baby.
Her name is Jazzy.
The call went out,  her time was limited.
30 days in jail already, she needed a home desperately.
We couldn't resist.
We are in love!
It was meant to be.
We took her to watch our boys play footy yesturday, she loved the car, she loved the game.
We are a match made in heaven, like cheese and crackers, bangers and mash!
She is the best!
Go check out SAFE Perths facebook page for more gorgeous animals needing homes.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My girlfriend turned 60 last weekend.
Her name is Christine.
She decided to have a dress up party, everyone had to come dressed as something/someone 
starting with C.
I am not one for dress ups.
In fact I have anxiety attacks on the lead up to the dreaded dress up party.
I prefer not to dress up.
Christine and I had lunch.
During that lunch our conversation went to the party and the dress ups.
Christine's words to me were...."I bet some boring people are going to not dress up and that will really p*ss me off."
That's me, I am one of those boring people, I hate to dress up.
I said to myself
and channel my inner Christine is what I decided to do.
What a great idea I thought to myself, the only dress up required would be a wig, she wears a lot of black and animal print and I have got some bits and pieces in the wardrobe that would be perfect.
Awesome idea????
Yeah right!
The before pic..... 
straight out of the shower and dried hair ready to be curled and pinned up.
So much hair to hide under a wig, not an easy job!
The after........
The Croation Creation

 Brett went as a Cop!
He looked the real deal!
It was a lot of fun
My anxiety soon dispersed after a few glasses of bubbles, and
all in all it was an awesome night.