Thursday, August 9, 2012


is doing my head in........
I had big plans this winter to become an awesome sock knitter.
Life was good, 
I thought this couldn't be to hard,
lots of people out there in the big wide world are awesome sock knitters
so why can't I be a part of that club, surely it's not that hard????
So of I trotted to visit my lovely friends at you tube....
no luck, try and try as I did, it just wasn't happening, so....
One day while visiting the lovely blog Virtu written by Sally, 
she posted about knitting squares for Born to Knit by Save the Children Australia.
This was it....
Back to basics, start from the beginning and have a go.
I have been knitting in bed
I have been knitting in aeroplanes.
I have been knitting in the car.

 I have been knitting in coffee shops.
I have been knitting in other countries.

And I have been frogging, and frogging, and frogging and frogging
until I am all frogged out.
Now I am feeling fed up and frustrated.
Every time i knit a square I see a little problem.
I want it to be perfect, why can't it be perfect?
Maybe I need to not worry about perfection and just do it!
So fed up with the blue, I have now changed to lime green wool, 
maybe a change of colour it just what I need.
Green is my favorite colour, 
green is in,
green is keen,
green is whats going to make this happen.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been champing at the bit to show this on my blog.
I joined in on the Op Shop Swap hosted by
Jody Pearl from Re-Inventing fashion blog and Sew Outiside the Lines on Facebook.
I was over the moon with my swap partner Zaranne and feel we were a match made in heaven.
Zaranne loves organic gardening, vintage fabrics, recylcing and reusing.  Right up my alley!
My head was a spin for days,  with ideas galore,  
but in the end I decided on a gardeners apron with pockets full of little treasures.

The apron was made from a thrifted denim dress 
and the binding was a gorgeous vintage child's skirt that was absolutely adorable, 
and I have had it in my stash for ever,  waiting to use for something special just like this.
The pockets were cut from thrifted jeans and I used the belt tabs for to tie stockings on for securing vegetables and holding the vintage scissors.

I included a gorgeous little stone heart.
One of the pockets held a mixture of vegetable seeds, perfect for winter sowing and spring eating and the other had a packet of native wildflowers.

And I engraved silver spoons with the names of different vegetables 
to be used as markers in the garden.

This was so much fun to make and I was tickled pink with how well it came out.
So looking forward to the next swap!
Joining in here.....


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am pretty chuffed right now.
Sarai - Owner and Designer of Collette Patterns shares the same birthday as me,
very, very cool, especially as I love her patterns, love her book, love her blog and 
just think she is a pretty cool girl!
So, on the 10th July 2012,  Sarai turns 32,
and in recognition of her birthday and as a reminder at how incredibly lucky we are she is asking people to donate to this wonderful cause CHARITY:WATER
As I have turned 41 today I was only too happy to celebrate my birthday with her 
and donate 41 bucks towards this awesome cause......

From her blog.........

There are millions of people in our world right now who lack one of life’s absolute most basic necessities: clean drinking water. There are people (often women) who must spend hours each day collecting water, and this water is often not suitable for consumption. It makes them sick. It makes their families sick. It kills children, it kills adults.
But those of us born into more fortunate circumstances can help. We can give up just a tiny bit of our money and seriously impact this dreadful situation. That’s why, for my birthday, I’m asking everyone I know to donate my age in dollars to Charity:Water.
{photo by Esther Havens for Charity:water}

Here’s the deal: I need 100 people to donate 32 bucks.

My goal for my birthday is to reach $3,200 USD. That means I need just 100 people to donate!   There are thousands of you reading this, so I’m hopeful we can get there. And if even more donate, maybe we can reach $5,000 — 
the average cost of an entire clean water project in a developing nation!
And there’s one more really cool thing. Charity:water is an outstanding organization, 
and they will give 100% of your donation directly to these projects. 
None of it goes to overhead. And in several months, they will even update us with information on the specific projects our money funds. Pretty cool, huh?
Please consider joining me. Be one of the 100 people to help celebrate my birthday with a small donation:

Click here to join my campaign and donate!

So if you can help, head on over and donate a few dollars, and join in on our birthday celebrations!



Ch, ching peeps and cheers to fresh water and birthdays!





Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Today I turn 41
and as I get older
LIFE gets better!
1988 I think, 3rd from the right bottom line, Northam High School.
 Something I know for sure
ME TIME is massively important, and
is A MUST in my life!

That money can not buy you happiness!
But having enough to pay bills, buy special treats and be comfortable helps stress levels A LOT!

That sometimes LIFE just sucks and that is just the way it is, and,
sometimes LIFE is so amazingly awesome and that is just the way it is!
And even though you never, ever understand why at the time, you just need to
because it all comes out in the wash eventually!

That I am my fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life
That becoming a vegetarian was the best decision I have made for my health and well being EVER!

That time FLIES and I want to live a minimum of another 41 years, 
happy, healthy and in love!

That setting awesome goals and achieving them is the best feeling.

That I love these guys to the moon and back, BUT, 
sometimes they can rip my heart apart and,
sometimes they are so darn cute I just want to stare at them all day long!

That I could not bare a life without my gorgeous pets.

When Max passed away last November I was lost and devastated, 
to the point that it was almost unbearable.  
He bought me so much love over the 16 years of his life, he was my constant,
my very best friend in life, no matter how grumpy I was or how happy I was,
he loved me every minute of every day.
Pets are the best!

And that the best is yet to come!

Yay to being 41 years young, I am loving this journey I am on.

Monday, July 9, 2012


taking Just a Moment to gather and share the things you have noticed, consumed, created and/or bought during your week....
Noticing how much I love this guy!
 Enjoying my favorite breakfast....
Scrambled eggs with fetta and spinach YUMMO!
Had the best time creating a special pressie for a special person
in the Op Shop Swap (will post more about that shortly).
Joining in with Jody here


A beautiful baby girl called Jazzy.....
We couldn't be happier.
The call went out from Safe in Perth that this beautiful girl called Suki
had spent a month in the pound up at Northam and if she
wasn't taken in quick smart would be put to sleep forever!
I just couldn't bare the thought!
So a few phone calls later and one wet and dreary Friday night we 
drove down to Swan Vet Clinic where we organised to meet the Ranger
and our gorgeous little adoptie!
Our first meeting.

First things first was a change of name, Suki just didn't work with us and 
we wanted her to have a fresh start, so Jazzy was it!
She is my little shadow.
She crafts with me, she sews with me, she hangs washing out with me, she comes to the toilet with me and I reckon if I let her she would shower with me.
even though she is Mummies girl, 
 we all love her to bits.
She is smoochy, smoochy, smoochy.
She loves to watch the boys play footy.
She loves the sun roof in the car.
And we all can not believe how lucky we are to have her in our lives.
Not only do they have dogs needing fostering or adopting but there is also cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and all sorts of animals needing homes.
Safe is such an awesome group and is always on the lookout for people to 
help with fostering, adopting, checking homes, transport and the like, so if you can help please check them out it is such a worthwhile cause and 
why wouldn't you want to SAVE AN ANIMAL FROM EUTHANASIA


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 This is the best, just had to share!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I am beside myself with happiness.

Not because my boy was home this weekend and I love him to the moon and back,
although that does make me very happy...........

Not because he has told me he wants to come back home, which makes me extremely happy......



I made these awesome PJ's!

Aren't they the coolest????

Now I know it may look that he wasn't too excited modelling these absolutely AWESOME PJ's,
let me tell you a little secret....
 That toosh was wiggling and this little stud muffin was lovin' the fun,
prior to the camera coming out.

So after grunging the pics up a little to make him look pretty cool, here is one with real colour,
teamed with a cheap Big W T shirt which cost around $7.00
I think they make the best PJ's in the world.
Thanks for your help Jody..... YOU ROCK!
P.S There is a little pic of me with my gorgeous little cushions here if you want to take a peek

Saturday, June 9, 2012


There has been much to celebrate around these parts.
My eldest boy turned 14.

We had a delicious dinner celebration and I couldn't help but notice 
while sitting across the table from him, 
just how much my boy was now a man!

He was laughing at Pop's jokes,  conversing with the adults, 
having fun with Nanny and enjoying his birthday meal, and we all
had an awesome night.

14 years ago I gave birth to this amazing young man and I feel so Blessed!

The food was delicious.....

The company was great......

And we had a tonne of fun!

Happy 14th Birthday Son
I love you to the moon and back!

Playing along here.....