Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boating at the Lake

I have to share something with you!
I have an I PHONE!
How exciting.
Now I have never been one for technology and have never been above to do much more than txt and make phone calls so I really struggled with the idea of an IPhone.
When my son James got his IPod Touch for his birthday I became very, very jealous.
So a few weeks ago when feeling quite ill and dragging myself around the shopping centre after work and killing time until my Doctor's appointment...... I Got an I Phone.
Not only have I got an IPhone but I now (thanks to Glen) have some Apps.
My favorite app at the moment is one called Hipstamatic.
It is so much fun, I am loving it!
It's a camera but with these very, very cool effects, take a look.
These pictures were taken one afternoon after school. We have this amazing lake across the road from our house and so my boys trotted of with their boat to have a play.

A rare moment, James and Josh NOT fighting :D

This is Josh being a little camera shy!

And Josh over being camera shy!

Max posing for the camera.

And Max starting to get a little bored with posing for the camera.

Sammy wanting a slice of the action.

I did ask these two to cuddle up together...... this was the result!

James being Mr Cool!

We had a lot of fun playing at the Lake and I had even more fun playing with my new App.

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