Friday, March 30, 2012

Life is Apples!

I went shopping on the weekend!
Did I already mention that?
I think I did!
I had an AWESOME day (just a little reminder)
I picked up some very cute, cheap little fabric scrap packs while at Calico & Ivy.

And armed with a gorgeous wrist pincushion my very clever Mum made.

It was screaming out to be christened.

I made this....

It is just the sweetest.
Gifted this to me dear Mum.
But have more scraps cut out and ready to go for a cute apple pincushion for me.

Maybe I have mentioned this before and maybe not but I am pincushion MAD at the moment.
I want to hang pincushions from the ceiling and display them on every shelf in my art room.
I have also been pinning pincushions like crazy...

                                                                                                                                             Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

 Isn't this just the sweetest
Need to
Want to
Have to make some more!!!

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