Tuesday, April 3, 2012


No hell raising here,
but seed raising was the order of the day.

There were a few jobs in the morning to be attended!
James owed me $15.00 so I put him to work.

Fertilising the vegie garden was a must.

And Planting seeds was next on the To-Do List!
We had a special visitor who was keen to help.

It's serious business choosing seeds to plant.
And of course the popsticks used to tag the trays of seeds needed special things drawn on them.

All in all it was very productive!

But of course there has to be some fun along the way.

And taking the trolley 4wheel driving through the gardens was an absolute must!

The tomatoes have started producing, yummo!

The yellow  flowers on the cucumber plants are gorgeous.

And I cant wait until I can start picking leaves from this little sucker!
A few snippets from our Sunday, joining in here.


  1. oh I love those photos.
    Nice work getting some help in the veggie patch.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  2. Looks like a very productive Sunday! Thanks for visiting me too :)

  3. Your veggie garden looks great! I tried tomatoes twice last year and sugar snap peas once with varied success but I want to start up a proper veggie garden section in our garden and grow all sorts of things. Only thing is, stuff always dies on me :(


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