Saturday, April 7, 2012

MEATLESS MONDAY (even though it is Saturday)

I think I may have already mentioned this but I bought this awesome cookbook a few weeks ago.

There are some delicious recipes in there,  both for meat eaters and veggie lovers just like me.
Being the only vegetarian in the family,  I really love to cook dishes 
that will get me through a few days.
And now that Perth is cooling down a little, 
this was a must do!

Nothing beats a bowl of delicious ratatouille with a sprinkling (maybe even a handful) of parmesan.

Super duper easy and really a dish where you can use up all sorts of veggies out of the fridge.
I cut up an eggplant, a zucchini, some cherry tomatoes, a red capsicum, and had a little bit of pumpkin there I wanted to use up, so threw that in as well.
I cubed the eggplant, threw it into a bowl, added some olive oil and coated the eggplant with the oil.
Laid the eggplant out on a baking tray, with some cracked pepper over the top  and 
roasted it for around 20 minutes.
Cut up an onion, and crushed up around 4 cloves of garlic, threw it into a deep fry pan and cooked it for a little while, until soft and fragrant.  
Threw the rest of the veggies in, cooked them for a wee while and then added a can of tomatoes.
Rinsed about a cup of quinoa, popped that into the pot with a little extra water.
Let it cook a little longer, and once the quinoa and veg was just about done,  
I added the roasted eggplant and voila.

Delicious ratatouille!
Check out some more awesome veggie recipes here.....


  1. Mmm yum, that sounds delicious. Except I would ruin meatless Monday by adding a nice lamb chop under my ratatouille and some roast potatoes on the side!

  2. That looks delicious! Love the addition of parmesan. It makes everything taste amazing. I am pleased to have discovered your site, see you again soon :)


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