Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My girlfriend turned 60 last weekend.
Her name is Christine.
She decided to have a dress up party, everyone had to come dressed as something/someone 
starting with C.
I am not one for dress ups.
In fact I have anxiety attacks on the lead up to the dreaded dress up party.
I prefer not to dress up.
Christine and I had lunch.
During that lunch our conversation went to the party and the dress ups.
Christine's words to me were...."I bet some boring people are going to not dress up and that will really p*ss me off."
That's me, I am one of those boring people, I hate to dress up.
I said to myself
and channel my inner Christine is what I decided to do.
What a great idea I thought to myself, the only dress up required would be a wig, she wears a lot of black and animal print and I have got some bits and pieces in the wardrobe that would be perfect.
Awesome idea????
Yeah right!
The before pic..... 
straight out of the shower and dried hair ready to be curled and pinned up.
So much hair to hide under a wig, not an easy job!
The after........
The Croation Creation

 Brett went as a Cop!
He looked the real deal!
It was a lot of fun
My anxiety soon dispersed after a few glasses of bubbles, and
all in all it was an awesome night.

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  1. Thank goodness for bubbles and inspired ideas! (I totally dread a dress up)...


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