Thursday, May 31, 2012


I have already confessed to being a buttonoholic!
Something I am most proud of and delight in every moment I can.

I have further issues......
and I am not sure people will understand!

But,  I am an honest girl and as such
am going to let you in on another little secret.

Even better, I can indulge in some button loving and sharing while making cute little pincushions.
How lucky am I!
P.S. I also glued the beads on the pins as well, clever me!

There, I have done it, bared my soul and the sky is still blue and the moon doth shine!
The problem now is that my Op Shopping expeditions include not only searching high and low for buttons but, gorgeous little containers are also at the top of the list....

Check these little beauties out.
I couldnt resist that little egg cup there with the orange and blue trim on the base.
The dear old lady behind the counter told me it was very special and was Delft pottery???
Never heard of it before, maybe someone reading this can enlighten me otherwise 
my dear friend google tends to know the answers, when I have a second I will check it out.
Joining in with other creative peeps here....


  1. Ahhh...I have found a kindred spirit, someone else who searches op shops for gorgeous buttons and cute little containers! Delft in the Netherlands made (and still makes) some very pretty pottery pieces - I absolutely adore vintage crockery and pottery. :)

  2. Hey Michelle, I love pin cushions too and buttons, though I'm not at the buttonoholic stage yet, hehe.....

    Love your makes and that little egg cup is sooo sweet. Just as well I live on the other side of the country as I would have snapped it up quick sticks.....

    Claire :}

  3. If you'd written this a few weeks ago, I would have pointed you in the direction of the pin cushion swap that's going on at the moment!
    Love your pin cushions, so sweet. I have a freind who is a fellow sufferer from the pincushion addiction. Maybe you should start a support group ;-)

  4. Ohh that egg cup is my fav.
    Your pincushions look great. Well done.

  5. These are gorgeous. And I have to admit, I am starting to get the pin cushion bug. Have almost finished one and have another idea in my head:) Cyndy

  6. There you go Michelle, you're not as weird as you thought! There are many of us pinkeep/cushion lovers and makers out here in blogland! :)))
    I too love them and make them to sell in my little online shops. Yours look fantastic! Well done.
    Just popped over from Jody's place, I'm one of the other Op Swappers.
    Pam. x


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