Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am pretty chuffed right now.
Sarai - Owner and Designer of Collette Patterns shares the same birthday as me,
very, very cool, especially as I love her patterns, love her book, love her blog and 
just think she is a pretty cool girl!
So, on the 10th July 2012,  Sarai turns 32,
and in recognition of her birthday and as a reminder at how incredibly lucky we are she is asking people to donate to this wonderful cause CHARITY:WATER
As I have turned 41 today I was only too happy to celebrate my birthday with her 
and donate 41 bucks towards this awesome cause......

From her blog.........

There are millions of people in our world right now who lack one of life’s absolute most basic necessities: clean drinking water. There are people (often women) who must spend hours each day collecting water, and this water is often not suitable for consumption. It makes them sick. It makes their families sick. It kills children, it kills adults.
But those of us born into more fortunate circumstances can help. We can give up just a tiny bit of our money and seriously impact this dreadful situation. That’s why, for my birthday, I’m asking everyone I know to donate my age in dollars to Charity:Water.
{photo by Esther Havens for Charity:water}

Here’s the deal: I need 100 people to donate 32 bucks.

My goal for my birthday is to reach $3,200 USD. That means I need just 100 people to donate!   There are thousands of you reading this, so I’m hopeful we can get there. And if even more donate, maybe we can reach $5,000 — 
the average cost of an entire clean water project in a developing nation!
And there’s one more really cool thing. Charity:water is an outstanding organization, 
and they will give 100% of your donation directly to these projects. 
None of it goes to overhead. And in several months, they will even update us with information on the specific projects our money funds. Pretty cool, huh?
Please consider joining me. Be one of the 100 people to help celebrate my birthday with a small donation:

Click here to join my campaign and donate!

So if you can help, head on over and donate a few dollars, and join in on our birthday celebrations!



Ch, ching peeps and cheers to fresh water and birthdays!





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