Monday, July 9, 2012


taking Just a Moment to gather and share the things you have noticed, consumed, created and/or bought during your week....
Noticing how much I love this guy!
 Enjoying my favorite breakfast....
Scrambled eggs with fetta and spinach YUMMO!
Had the best time creating a special pressie for a special person
in the Op Shop Swap (will post more about that shortly).
Joining in with Jody here


  1. Breakie does look delicious - I think Feta is to vegetarians what Bacon is to meat eaters - they go with everything.

    'Thermo Man' looks like a sweetie and deserving of all those love hearts - pretty sure he's responsible for breakie.

    Having seen the special pressie you've created for your Swap partner I'd have liked to be fly on the wall just to see her reaction - it is beautiful!

    Thanks for joining in JaM this week Michelle. x

  2. Michelle, I received my Op-Shop Swap parcel and I love it. The wrapping was lovely and all those wonderful gardening goodies inside, you spoilt me. Thankyou for putting together such a thoughtful package.

  3. Love the pressie you made for the Swap and Breakfast does look delicious.


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