Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogging Birth Day

Have been wanting to start a blog for such a long time and at last I have done it!

Considering technology is by no means my strong point I am so very excited about this and cant wait to learn and play some more.

I have family (miss you all) in NZ so cant wait to email them and let them know about this, its been such a long time since we have all seen each other so this is a great way to share pics and stories, I will also even let my Dad know as he may be interested in keeping an update on us!

The weekend has past but I had a fantastic weekend and can't wait to share it with you.

I had a very special day on Saturday with my Mum at the Gardening Australia Expo.
Peter Cundall was a guest speaker at the Expo and was extremely motivating and inspiring. I got lots of special treats including organic vegie seeds, organic seedlings, books, magazines and so much information its mind boggling. Peter gave us his special mix for preparing the ground for planting vegies and so yesturday I spent most of the afternoon shoveling lots of lovely, smelly pooh!
Here are some before shots of the vegie patch. We have only just got back from holidays and just prior to going away to Exmouth I planted some vegies which the chickens then decided to devour so as you can see the vegie patch is looking quite sad.

I have shovelled all the pooh in but havent got any further so will post the after shots when the vegie patch is finished.
I have joined up to do a beginners class at The Boxx which started while we were away so caught up on my homework and managed to finish a scrapbooking LO of DS splashing around at Bundegi Beach, Exmouth.
As time permits I will try and get some holiday pics up but most go and pick my boys up from school now!

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  1. Congrats on your new blog Michelle!
    Peter Cundall is a bit of guru down here in Tassie..he was at the wildflower show we went to 2 weeks ago and I visited his vegie patch at the botanical gardens..(pics on my blog)..I think your garden looks great..especially love all that parsley! Gx


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