Thursday, October 30, 2008

So Much to Learn

Day 4 of having a blog and only the 2nd post.
I have had moments of fiddling with the blog and have spent a lot of time trying to work out how to put some badges up on the sides and change some things around and havent been able to work that out yet.
So if anyone out there can help, it would be appreciated.
My DS had a school assembly this morning and they did the Ant Rap, it was all very cute and they all dressed up in cool clothes so josh spent a lot of time this morning dressing himself to make sure he looked his best.
This is DS introducing the assembly, they did a fantastic job and I am a very proud Mum!

I made these cute little Xmas cards yesturday at Passion 4 Scrappin in the stamp/card club and it was nice to spend some time creating without being disturbed, life has been quite chaotic lately!

I also completed Lesson 2 of my online class at the Boxx on Monday night which was a lot of fun as well.

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