Saturday, June 9, 2012


There has been much to celebrate around these parts.
My eldest boy turned 14.

We had a delicious dinner celebration and I couldn't help but notice 
while sitting across the table from him, 
just how much my boy was now a man!

He was laughing at Pop's jokes,  conversing with the adults, 
having fun with Nanny and enjoying his birthday meal, and we all
had an awesome night.

14 years ago I gave birth to this amazing young man and I feel so Blessed!

The food was delicious.....

The company was great......

And we had a tonne of fun!

Happy 14th Birthday Son
I love you to the moon and back!

Playing along here.....


  1. You are to be congratulated - 14yrs as a mum is quite a milestone.

    Lovely to 'meet' your family - I'd love to know what your mum and son are talking about in the last photo!

    Thanks for joining in JaM with your celebrations Michelle. x

  2. Happy Birthday to your young man...congrats on raising a boy you can be proud of. xx


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