Monday, June 11, 2012


I am beside myself with happiness.

Not because my boy was home this weekend and I love him to the moon and back,
although that does make me very happy...........

Not because he has told me he wants to come back home, which makes me extremely happy......



I made these awesome PJ's!

Aren't they the coolest????

Now I know it may look that he wasn't too excited modelling these absolutely AWESOME PJ's,
let me tell you a little secret....
 That toosh was wiggling and this little stud muffin was lovin' the fun,
prior to the camera coming out.

So after grunging the pics up a little to make him look pretty cool, here is one with real colour,
teamed with a cheap Big W T shirt which cost around $7.00
I think they make the best PJ's in the world.
Thanks for your help Jody..... YOU ROCK!
P.S There is a little pic of me with my gorgeous little cushions here if you want to take a peek

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