Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been champing at the bit to show this on my blog.
I joined in on the Op Shop Swap hosted by
Jody Pearl from Re-Inventing fashion blog and Sew Outiside the Lines on Facebook.
I was over the moon with my swap partner Zaranne and feel we were a match made in heaven.
Zaranne loves organic gardening, vintage fabrics, recylcing and reusing.  Right up my alley!
My head was a spin for days,  with ideas galore,  
but in the end I decided on a gardeners apron with pockets full of little treasures.

The apron was made from a thrifted denim dress 
and the binding was a gorgeous vintage child's skirt that was absolutely adorable, 
and I have had it in my stash for ever,  waiting to use for something special just like this.
The pockets were cut from thrifted jeans and I used the belt tabs for to tie stockings on for securing vegetables and holding the vintage scissors.

I included a gorgeous little stone heart.
One of the pockets held a mixture of vegetable seeds, perfect for winter sowing and spring eating and the other had a packet of native wildflowers.

And I engraved silver spoons with the names of different vegetables 
to be used as markers in the garden.

This was so much fun to make and I was tickled pink with how well it came out.
So looking forward to the next swap!
Joining in here.....



  1. What a great swap gift you made! I love how you have upcycled so many old items into a new and useful apron. :)

    1. Thanks Deb, the spoons were fun to recycle and I can honestly say it was the best fun, thinking, creating, playing and working out what to make and how to make it.

  2. Hey Michelle, love this gardening apron........a very useful gift for a gardener.
    The spoons certainly make great plant markers. I'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled with everything.

    CLaire :}

  3. What a fabulous gift you put together...I will have to join in with Jody's next swap I think xx

    1. You must Bron, it was heaps of fun, can't wait for the next one.


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