Thursday, August 9, 2012


is doing my head in........
I had big plans this winter to become an awesome sock knitter.
Life was good, 
I thought this couldn't be to hard,
lots of people out there in the big wide world are awesome sock knitters
so why can't I be a part of that club, surely it's not that hard????
So of I trotted to visit my lovely friends at you tube....
no luck, try and try as I did, it just wasn't happening, so....
One day while visiting the lovely blog Virtu written by Sally, 
she posted about knitting squares for Born to Knit by Save the Children Australia.
This was it....
Back to basics, start from the beginning and have a go.
I have been knitting in bed
I have been knitting in aeroplanes.
I have been knitting in the car.

 I have been knitting in coffee shops.
I have been knitting in other countries.

And I have been frogging, and frogging, and frogging and frogging
until I am all frogged out.
Now I am feeling fed up and frustrated.
Every time i knit a square I see a little problem.
I want it to be perfect, why can't it be perfect?
Maybe I need to not worry about perfection and just do it!
So fed up with the blue, I have now changed to lime green wool, 
maybe a change of colour it just what I need.
Green is my favorite colour, 
green is in,
green is keen,
green is whats going to make this happen.


  1. Hey how have you knitted in an airplane....did they not frisk your needles from you.?
    Good for your persevering with the knitting xxx

  2. keep going - it's so worth it in the end! My sock (only knitted one!) has little holes in it, and I like to say it's part of it's charm! :)

  3. ps - can you email me via my blog? have lost your details and want to have a proper catch up :)


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